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Our Story

Like any enthusiastic first-time parent, we were excited at the prospect of re-living our childhood with our bundle of joy. We wanted to shower our child with lots of love, adventures and cute toys. However, the later turned out to be an ordeal, as our search for safe and age appropriate toys would often draw up a blank. We had to often settle for low quality, plastic toys or beg someone to get toys from abroad (breaking bank in process).

It was particularly distasteful to discard plastic waste as our child would rapidly grow out of the toys (or they broke easily). We knew these are going to end up in landfill somewhere. Thus, we were always on the lookout for opportunities to get toys made of sustainable material. It took time and patience but we loved playing with these locally made, classic time-tested toys with a modern twist.

We are now ready to share our favorite toys with the world.


Plastic Free, Worry Free, Free Play.

Glee Toys, Set You Free to Play !