We call it a castle but the many different shapes and sizes can be used to make just about anything, the combinations a child may attempt are endless. Building blocks are a great way to introduce shapes, sizes, numbers and colours to your child. These sturdy pieces can also be used in facilitating many secondary play setups, a stage for your figurines, or a bridge for your little toy cars.


The blocks are made of ivory wood, which is used traditionally by toymakers as it is lightweight and smooth-grained. It is finished with non-toxic paint & polish and there are no small parts/choking hazards making it absolutely safe to play with. These sets of blocks are designed to encourage Creativity, Motor Skills, Hand Eye Coordination and Problem solving. 


Includes 24 pieces as follows:

  • Triangle: 4 Nos. Each with dimensions - 50 mm X 50 mm X 25 mm
  • Cubes: 6 Nos. Each with dimensions - 50 mm X 50 mm X 50 mm
  • Cuboid: 8 Nos. Each with dimensions - 75 mm X 50 mm X 12.5 mm
  • Small Cylinder: 2 Nos. Each with a Diameter  - 35 mm, Height - 60 mm
  • Big Cylinder: 4 Nos. Each with a Diameter - 50 mm, Height - 75 mm

Castle of Joy

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