• Fear not young friend, Nom Nom is here to relieve you of your teething troubles and itchy gums. We feel the toy which is put in mouth should be as close to nature as possible. Nom Nom is a neem wood teether, polished with cold pressed coconut oil for smoothness.
  • It also has a plush fish rattle to soothe your child with warmth of natural dyed cotton. The bright red patches and sewn in rattle make Nom Nom attractive and double up as a rattle as well.
  • Neem wood has natural antibacterial properties which make the teether all the more suited to your baby’s chewing needs. Please ensure that the teether isn’t left wet as it may absorb moisture and warp, just use a damp cloth to wipe it and air dry after use.
  • The cotton part can be hand washed. We recommend wiping with a wet cloth on a daily basis and washing with a mild detergent once it gets a bit dirty. Soaking may warp the shape; hence it is better to hang it to dry immediately.

Nom Nom

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