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I am extremely careful about the toys I choose for Kiara. I like to pick toys which are attention grabbing for her but the the same time safe and mind stimulating.

Glee Natural Toys has come up with an excellent range of toys meeting all my requirements.


They are made of good quality wood and so very safe. At the same time they are colourful and very mindfully crafted. These toys are made in India by skilled artisans.

Kiara loved these the moment they came out of the box and hasn't left them since then.

- Dr Anuj

New Delhi

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Glee Natural Toys has the most amazing range of wooden toys.

We loved the fact that they are 100% Natural and Non-Toxic.


These toys are surprisingly lightweight and smooth so Ridhaan is able to grasp and handle the toy without hurting himself.



— Megha


Every time we sit down at play with our Bricky Blocks, he does something different with them.

From stacking, colour sorting, counting numbers to creating domino effect or simply making a long train across his room, he does and loves it all!
Open ended play is great as it can evolve over time while also encouraging children to create and problem-solve as they explore the world around them.
And it keeps them busy for long

- Vatsala

New Delhi


Shlok loves his Glee Toys and lately taken to grabbing and rolling his Ringo. 

The attractive sounds and colors encourage him to practice his fine motor skills.

- Sabia,


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